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After you’ve learned the basics, go study weekly problems with the Web3 SQL Weekly guides that will contain concepts across chains - I have YouTube videos for all of them.

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I do annual guides on navigating the complex data space:

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  • Check out the 2023 guide for an updated landscape on the best data tools to use.

Get started with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Solana:

  • Ethereum Basics

Web3 Data Degens
A Basic Wizard Guide to Dune SQL and Ethereum Data Analytics
Here are all the concepts you’ll need to know to do all the basic analysis in Dune - your first step to becoming a wizard! Take your time with it, you don’t have to try and learn everything at once. I’ll have a more advanced guide with optimization techniques out soon too. The main optimization tip you need to know is always filter on time and join on th…
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  • Bitcoin Basics

Web3 Data Degens
How To Analyze Bitcoin Data With SQL
Are you here because you’re interested in Ordinals? Check out this guide! Starting today, you can play with Bitcoin data on Dune. I will explain the basic concepts you need to know and teach you how to leverage our tables to analyze block statistics, transaction values, active addresses, and address balances. We’ll also cover some more technical bits on …
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  • Solana Basics

Web3 Data Degens
Starter Guide to Solana Data Analysis (Part 1)
This is the first of a four part series covering basic analysis of DEXs and NFTs on Solana. Basic SQL knowledge will be helpful. part 1: basics of Solana tables and a simple whirlpool swap part 2: types of programs, token accounts, and balances (TVL…
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If you’re interested in protocol analysis, check out this guide:

Web3 Data Degens
How To Analyze Any Web3 Protocol or Product In Five Minutes
The “cold start” analysis problem is a big one in web3 - protocol contract structures and flows all vary wildly, and learning solidity patterns isn’t necessarily easy. Figuring out what functions/events from what contracts to analyze is tough, and finding example transactions of all the different cases can be time consuming…
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If you’re interested in token analysis, check out this guide:

Web3 Data Degens
How To Analyze Any Crypto Token In Five Minutes
This video/article is dedicated to Optimism - thanks to their Retroactive Public Goods Funding program, Web3 Data Degens has now earned 9.6k in OP tokens to continue education work! You can deploy your own L2 EVM chain using the OP Stack by using Conduit…
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