Explaining how Ethereum maps to Dune's tables and giving use case examples for all the basic SQL you need to know to be a data wizard
Showing how contract composability really works - by looking at integrations into Opensea Seaport.
Understand how ETH (native tokens) really work in transactions, and find out how to calculate balances for any EVM chain!
Showcasing the three winners of the Uniswap 12 Days Of Dune competition, and explaining what they did well.
Learn how Bitcoin works, and how to analyze block statistics, transaction values, active addresses, and address balances using Dune!
Covering all the top data tools and how they're used from a data analysts perspective.
Get started with analyzing any contract on any EVM chain (on Dune.com)
We find some really interesting insights as we use the volatility, concentration, liquidity, price impact, and reserves to analyze all USDC pairs.
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Web3 Data Degens